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What is Gaoligong by UTMB®? Speech in the Press conference [Copy link]

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Whats Gaoligong By UTMB®?

The following is a speech of the International Business Director, Mrs Jin Doudou on the press conference in Paris. You will get the answer after reading.

Its my great honor to present our group and our coming event: Gaoligong By UTMB®.

Xingzhi Exploring is agroup consists of Chinese leading sport event companies, leadership trainingcompany and travel agency, trusted by Chinese business elites, and deeplyengaged with regional governments to develop new outdoor destinations.

We own and operate more than 30 events aroundChina every year, including city marathons, Trail running events, Triathlons,rowing events, in different level from half marathon to 400 km non-stop footrace held in Gobi desert.

From the Galapagos Islands to the South Pole, wehave brought elite Chinese to explore our planet. Now wed like to present the best of China to the world. Soit’sour great pleasure to work with UTMB® International to welcome runnersfrom all the continent. 

Our first stepwill be Gaoligong By UTMB®. What it will be?

We have operated around mountain Gaoligong for 3years, and have searched every trail in that area. Our president, Mr QuXiangdong was deeply moved by the southern Silk Road across there - it is evenearlier than the road of Roman.

Besides history, Mt. Gaoligong is located in UNESCO World Heritage Site of Three Parallel Rivers,and home to stunning landscapes of Himalayan foothills with great biodiversity.

It lies along thewest border of Yunnan province, the key economic junction between China andSoutheast Asia and South Asia. Thanks to its biological, cultural and ethnicaldiversity, Yunnan is now one of the most popular destinations for foreigntourists in China.

The City where therace will be held called Tengchong.

As an ideal start andfinish city, you can fly there easily from 5 main international airports inChina, and you may find best cuisine and any kind of accommodation as you wish.The finish line will be located in Heshun, a 600 years old ancient town.

The greatest thing isthat Tengchongwill offer one of the best hot springs in China to let runners relax and regainthe power for their next long journey.

The 2018 edition of Gaoligong By UTMB®will be held on 9th March, including 3 races from 55km to 160km.

Runners will run across meadow, jungles, ancientbridges, exploring the well preserved Mt. Gaoligong area.

Mt. Gaoligong Ultra will be the most challengingone. Runners have to finish 160km in 42 hours with over 8400 meters total elevation gain.

Then we have a 125kmrace, RCE. In memory of Road of Chinese Expeditionary Forceduring WWII, with over 6600m elevation gain, and the cut-off time will be 31hours.

The shortest one, named after the Tea &Horse Trail, is 55km in 11 hours.

Just beyond thesports aspect, we also invite you to a journey through undiscovered China,running across the River of Time & History.

All the medals, certifications as well astrophies of Gaoligong By UTMB® are designed with local touch.As a finisher you will bring our collection of Chinese style, together with theunforgettable racing experience back to your home.

(2016MGU Medal)

(2016MGU Trophy)

(2016MGU Certificate)

The registration will open on April 28th2017. All the communication will bemade both in Chinese & English.


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